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Keys to a Top Converting Website

Even with the advances in technology and online sales tools, the average conversion rate for websites is currently around 3%.  Fortunately this number is just an average and not the rule as there are numerous examples of companies that have great conversion rates by comparison.  We are going to take a look at a couple important strategies that most top converting websites are doing well.

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Posted by ProGo Themes on April 5, 2011
Topics : Direct Response, Ecommerce

10 Do’s and Dont’s For Writing Web Copy

To begin with, it’s important to note there is a difference between web content and web copy. Web content is meant to inform, discuss, or entertain, whereas web copy is designed to persuade users to take a certain action, which in many cases means making a sale; However, this can also include sign ups, orders, registrations, and subscriptions to name a few Read More

Posted by ProGo Themes on April 4, 2011
Topics : Performance

4 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells

Before writing copy for your direct response page, it’s important to understand some key insights into how users typically interact with web copy. Its common knowledge among most usability and web design experts that people don’t read online, they scan. Because of this, successful web copy is scannable web copy (bullet lists, highlighted keywords, etc.). Another important factor to keep in mind is that emotion sells; emotion is the primary motivating factor encouraging people to buy and is far more powerful than rational reasons alone Read More

Posted by ProGo Themes on March 28, 2011
Topics : Performance
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