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Landing Page Basics Everyone Should Know

Whether you’re attempting to make a sale to site visitors once they’re already on your site, or you bring them in through SEO or PPC campaigns, chances are, at some point in time, they will come to a landing page where you give them your pitch and hope for a conversion.  Here are some basics for turning those visitors into paying customers.

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Posted by ProGo Themes on May 3, 2011
Topics : Direct Response, Featured, Performance

6 Tips to Increase Consumer Confidence and Sales

With the exception of well known sites like Ebay and mega retail Ecommerce stores like Walmart, people are still (for good reason) skeptical of buying items online from lesser known merchants.  If your site gives off a less than professional appearance or has any particular issues, which may give your user a negative perception of the validity of your product or service offering, your chances of online conversion will dwindle.  There are a variety of steps you can take to combat this while building consumer confidence, which we’ll go over in further detail.

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Posted by ProGo Themes on May 3, 2011
Topics : Direct Response, Ecommerce, Featured

Essentials to Landing Page Conversion

When a user comes to your page, the first thing they will see is the main content block. Like anything else, first impressions are very important and you only have a small window to both introduce your product or offering and pique a visitor’s interests to move them along to the next step in the conversion funnel. Read More

Posted by ProGo Themes on April 25, 2011
Topics : Direct Response, Featured, Pay Per Click, Performance
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