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Don’t Call It A Framework!

Well you can if you want to but we prefer Parent Theme. Base Theme? Starting point?

The WordPress landscape is littered with Themes and Theme Frameworks.

We’ve tried most if not all a lot of them.

While there are some solid offerings, no single one has ever met our specific and divergent needs.

So we made our own.

Built by us, for us. And for you…

We are a team of Developers, Designers, and Marketers, working together, building websites and marketing online since before the year 2000 even. Since 1999. Remember that thing “The Bubble”? So do we.

And we have been working with WordPress since version 1.0.

But something was missing; something to make building and customizing easier.

Faster. Better.

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That’s where ProGo Base comes in.

  • Clean UI & UX…
  • Fully Mobile Responsive…
  • Easily Child Themed…
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap..
  • … and
  • … and the Theme Hook Alliance
  • Well thought out
  • Well documented

And we use it on our own projects and sites before it gets to yours.


Try it yourself : Get ProGo Base on GitHub





Theme Hook Alliance


ProGo Base